Practical Purple Plastic Shoe Tree Shoe Stretcher

Practical Purple Plastic Shoe Tree Shoe Stretcher

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Introductions:Do you think it is a good stretcher to keep your shoe in style! It is made of high quality material, solid and durable in use. It can be used to store and display different types of shoes, with good usability. It is mainly used inside a shoe to preserve its shape, and stop it from developing creases. It is lightweight and delicate, a must-have item for your home. Shoe tree is a nice way to extend the life of the shoe! Why not to get one

  • Features:
  • A solid toe and heel provide moisture and odor absorption meanwhile help keep your shoes in great shape
  • Made from high quality in a design that supports a full toe
  • Dreamy shoe trees are designed to match the shape of your shoes
  • Help protect your footwear investment with this high quality shoe tree
  • With a durable framework, you can use these shoe trees for a long time
  • Boot Shapers keep your dress boots, winter boots and other lightweight leather, suede and synthetic leather boots in perfect shape when not in use
  • Fit shoe sizes from 5-10
Material Plastic
Weight 106 g / 3.74 oz
Length 8.66-10.83 inch(Adjustable)
Color Purple
Package Includes
  • Package Includes:
  • 1 x Pair Practical Purple Plastic Shoe Tree Shoe Stretcher

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